Usain Bolt broke the record of worldwide sprinting since the year of 2008. “Jamaica flash” seems to not lose his track even though he has turned to 29. 

In the world Olympic championship taking place in Beijing (China), Usain Bolt won the gold medal in the 100m run with the achievement of 9 seconds 78. This was the third time successively ”Jamaica flash” won this 100m run. Previously, Bolt won the gold medal in Olympic London in 2012 and Olympic of Moscow, Russian in 2013. 

If Usain’s fault did not occur in The Olympic in 2011 in Daegu (Korean), maybe Usain Bolt could win the 100 runs in 7 years consecutively. In the 2008 Beijing Olympic and 2009 World Championship taking place in Berlin (Germany), this 29-year-old athlete is also the first one to finish the run.

During the 2009 World Championship in Berlin 2009, Usain Bolt used to set 2 new records in 100m and 200m runs during the period of 8,58 seconds and 19,19 seconds sequentially. In 2012, he continued to be the world fastest athlete in 100m run throughout Olympic history with the recording time of 9 seconds 63.

According to the recorded statistics, Bolts used to run with a speed of around 12,37m per second (27,44 miles per hour) in another 100m run taking place in Berlin. This is an extraordinary speed! This 29-year-old athlete is only ranked after several wide animals renowned for sprint skills such as cat, spot panther, American lion or hunting dogs with long legs. While putting Bolts in comparison with other species such as squirrels, mouses or elephants, Bolts is totally outstanding regarding speed.

Throughout the sprint history, athletes’  skills are always upgraded generation after generation. However, Usain Bolt was the first one to break all the records in the most unbelievable way. Since 2008, Bolt has gained at least total 16 gold medals in different runs.