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Sergio Ramos: The player between good and evil (Part 3)

Fernando Hierro has been the heart of the defense and leader of Real Madrid for 14 years. Like his predecessor, Ramos has been the leader of Los Blancos for a long time.

With Sergio Ramos on the pitch, Real Madrid’s face will be different. It is not that he will guarantee Los Blancos not conceding but simply that they will be much more monster. Moreover, their peers know they have someone who holds their faith in the most critical moments. On Ramos’s body there is a tattoo of the number “92.48”.

This was the moment when he hit the equalizer in the 2014 Champions League final against Atletico Madrid. That moment was decisive, changing the whole situation of this match. Real Madrid then won the Decima and entered the tournament history.

Ramos was indomitable and could not fall. One month after his shoot-up shot indirectly caused Real Madrid to stop in the 2012 Champions League semi-finals, he still confidently performed a Panenka in the Euro semi-final against Portugal. He has the wickedness of a street guy but still exudes a masculine aura representing royal dignity.

Ramos’s current contract with Real Madrid remains valid until June of the following year. According to AS, the leaders of the Spanish royal team just want to sign a new contract with a term of 12 months. They represent a policy of only offering a 1-year extension to players over the age of 30 on the team, regardless of their status and status. It is not known whether the two sides will find a common voice in this matter, but the Madridista just hope to see their captain present in the white shirt for a few more years.

Hierro’s No. 4 shirt at Real Madrid was left blank for two years before Ramos inherited it. Now, people question again when Sergio Ramos leaves, who will inherit the shirt, or rather who will be able to fill the void he left. And so far, they still have not had the answer for themselves.

Sergio Ramos: The player between good and evil (Part 2)

In the 2017 Champions League final, Ramos was lying on the field after being pushed lightly by Juan Cuadrado. The warm Colombian left the field with a red card.

In the 2018 Champions League final, his hand lock caused Mohamed Salah to leave the game with tears. He makes neutral fans and opponents uncomfortable, and Madridista can rest assured if he is on the pitch.

When Real Madrid were conceded three times by a Shakhtar Donetsk missing 10 players because of COVID-19, the Madridista missed Ramos. That match, the 34-year-old midfielder was absent due to injury. When Raheem Sterling and Gabriel Jesus scored twice against Thibaut Courtois in the second leg of the UEFA Champions League round of 16 last season, the audience suddenly realized that a midfielder who had confirmed his class like Raphael Varane was also at times like a schoolboy when Ramos isn’t around. That day, the 34-year-old midfielder sat in the stands because he was suspended.

According to Transfermarkt, the Spanish defender is the player with the third number of Real Madrid caps in history. He also only missed 1 more goal to get 100 goals for Los Blancos, equal to the performance of former player Fernando Morientes.

Ramos has long been a living legend for Real Madrid. The goals he scored, many of them, are historic by importance for Los Blancos. Although not born in Madrid, he is the leader of the dressing room, the representative face of the royal team, embodying the immortal spirit of Madridismo inherited from Raul Gonzalez, Guti and Iker Casillas.

In the LaLiga 36th round of the 2004/2005 season, Real Madrid with the Galacticos star marched to the Sanchez Pizjuan stadium of Sevilla. In the 18th minute, the home team enjoyed a free kick from a distance of 30 meters. Central midfielder Renato pushes the ball, 21-year-old defender Sergio Ramos takes a thunderous shot, swirling ball completely defeated Casillas.

In the stands, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez watched the ball go into the net and Ramos was running away in celebration. In the transfer window that summer, he joined the Santiago Bernabeu team for 27 million euros, a record with a Spanish defender. Ramos received the number 4 shirt once worn by the legendary Hierro. And a new legend was born from that time.

Sergio Ramos: The player between good and evil (Part 1)

A few weeks ago, the Spanish team won over Switzerland in the UEFA Nations League.

After the match, Sergio Ramos posted on social media a video clip of a situation where Swiss striker Ruben Vargas held the ball to attack on the left flank of the Spanish penalty area. At this point, Ramos turned sideways, hooked back with his right foot, hit the ball and released a dangerous attack from the opponent.

“Access denied”, the Spanish defender wrote a caption in English with this video. A stunt that shows a high level of confidence but is really beautiful when it is successfully executed.

Recently, Ramos made a similar ball, and the opponent is Lionel Messi, a person much tougher than Ruben Vargas. 90 + 4 minutes, the Argentine superstar held the ball from home, Barcelona pushed the team up and Real Madrid pulled down. Ramos ran back and watched Messi.

In a decisive moment, he raised his hand to his teammates and then accelerated, rushing towards the ball. Like the situation facing Vargas, he turned horizontally compared to Messi and then used his right foot to jerk back. The ball was broken out of the Barca captain’s feet.

That ball was a highlight of Sergio Ramos in the last El Clasico match. And of course, it is impossible not to mention the situation that gave Real Madrid a penalty after causing Clement Lenglet to be blasted for a shirt-pulling foul. Barca side said why Lenglet pulled his shirt forward, but Ramos fell back.

 But somehow, the captain of Real Madrid is always a master of “dark art” in such controversial situations. A player who has received 26 red cards in his career, but is not a power defender who only knows how to cut iron. It is a master lurking between light and darkness, making the world admire his excellent handling but also receives many attacks because of the situations he makes the opponent stand up to complain the referee in anger.