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The sports community in the US runs to commemorate the September 11 event

19 years after the terrorist event in the US on September 11, the sports-loving community in the United States of America held running events to celebrate this day.

Like other runners around the world, jogging lovers in America also choose certain milestone days to run.

Jogging communities across America have been organizing or implementing activities to remember September 11. The PNW Ladies Running Group in Seattle will hold a 9.11 mile (14.5km) run at 9am on September 11 to remember 19 years ago.

And police officer Bryan Skipworth in New York has a very special way of celebrating this day. Ever since the dark day that took the lives of nearly 3,000 people, Bryan has been running every year every year to commemorate his friends who died in the terrorist attacks.

For the past 18 years, on September 11, Bryan Skipworth has been running in the streets of New York with a flag on his shoulder. This year, he plans to run about 3 miles (approximately 5km) from Fort Monroe to Hampton VA Medical Center. This year, due to the impact of the COVID-19 translation, the event was not extended, but only Bryan Skipworth ran.

Also in Summerville, South Carolina, Mr. David Moore (54 years old), a former firefighter, decided to make a special run to raise money for the September 11 fund. He plans to run 100 miles (160km) to remember this special day.

After thirty years as a firefighter, Moore felt very tired wearing obesity. He comes to jogging to lose weight, regain health and also set an example for his two sons, Carson and Conner. 8 years ago, Moore weighed more than 135kg and he started looking for the first exercises such as climbing stairs, running on machines … From running about 5km, Moore became stronger when he lost 45kg, quit the habit of smoking and by 2015 he has completed a semi-marathon (21.1km).

Gradually, Moore has run beyond 42km, becoming an ultramarathoner. And this time, he is determined to complete the 160km journey to raise money for the September 11 fund with the goal of raising about $ 2,500.