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The 5 highest teen basketball talents in the world: Tacko Fall also loses

Although still in their teens, the names on the list below are higher than most current NBA players, some even surpass Tacko Fall.

Harold Yu – 2m21

With a height of 2m21, Harold Yu is the highest player in 2020 of American high school basketball. As teammate of Bronny James, son of superstar LeBron James, Yu received a lot of attention. He was born and raised in Hangzhou, China. His mother is 1m98 tall, and his father is 2m18 tall.

In the Sierra Canyon, Harold was playing next to the son of many basketball stars. He was a teammate of son Scottie Pippen, before wearing the same shirt with his son LeBron James as well as Dwyane Wade. The Chinese player will qualify for the NBA Draft 2021, but the hope of joining this tournament is not really high.

Olivier Rioux – 2m21

If Harold Yu reached a height of 2m21 at the age of 17, Olivier Rioux had that figure when he was 14 years old. The Canadian player became famous a few years ago when videos when he played football at the elementary level became famous on social networks and attracted millions of views.

At 2m13 when he was 12 years old and 5 cm taller when he welcomed his 13th birthday, Rioux quickly received the attention of the top basketball clubs in the world. Real Madrid quickly signed the young talent last year. As predicted, the Canadian player can reach a height of 2m31.

Thomas Wright – 2m23

In Scotland in particular and the United Kingdom, basketball is not a focused and developed sport. However, this place owns one of the most promising basketball talent in the world is Thomas Wright, who reached a height of 2m23 at the age of 19.

Wright has been called up to the Scotland U18 squad and is currently training at North Atlantic. The 19-year-old said he had gained 5 cm in just 2 months and could have grown even more. He aims to develop his career in the US.

Brandon Marshall – 2m24

Than Thomas Wright only 0.5cm, Brandon Marshall is confirmed as the tallest teenager in the UK. Studies show that the 19-year-old can be as tall as 2m32 and become the tallest person in the UK. 

Like Wright, Marshall also chose basketball as a career path. He was summoned to the Wales U20 team in 2017 when he was only 16 years old. However, Brandon Marshall has not shown any significant level of development in recent years.

Robert Bobroczky – 2m31

The son of an Armenian basketball player 2m15 tall, Robert Bobroczky also developed impressive height. At the age of 12, Robert was taller than his father but weighed only 86kg. His height is entirely due to genes, not because of any disease.

Bobroczky joined the training facility in his home town at the age of 14, before moving to the United States two years later. He trained at SPIRE Sports Academy until 2018. The player of the Grand River Academy is currently the second highest basketball player in the world. Bobroczky is currently available in 5 languages.