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Kevin De Bruyne’s future is going to be set

According to many reputable sources, midfielder Kevin De Bruyne arranged to sign a new contract with Man City, thereby ending all rumors related to his future.

Kevin De Bruyne is the one that is considered as the best midfielder in the world at the moment. Last season, although Man City could not win the Premier League or the Champions League, De Bruyne was still highly appreciated by football viewers. In this season, the integrity of the Belgian conductor continues to be evident when he is carrying many stars at the Etihad Stadium.

De Bruyne’s current contract with Man City is still valid until the end of the summer of 2023. However, during the past time, many rumors have spread around the future of this 29-year-old player. In particular, major European clubs such as Real Madrid or PSG are said to be planning to recruit this super pass, especially in the context of Man City showing signs of going down after the golden period with Pep Guardiola.

Transfer expert Fabrizio Romano has also confirmed the concern that Real Madrid and PSG are for former Chelsea midfielder. However, it seems that these two teams did not foresee that Man City also had plans to tie De Bruyne in the coming years.

Specifically, De Bruyne is now said to be happy at the Etihad Stadium despite the unsatisfactory start of the Manchester half. Here, he is being treated as a true king. Man City also mentioned the issue of extending his contract until 2025 with the Belgian star and received a nod from him. According to Romano, De Bruyne will get a raise if he agrees to commit to a long-term future with Man City. The current salary he currently receives at The Citizen is £ 300,000 / week.

At this time, the two sides are in the process of completing final procedures before holding the signing session. If you agree to stick with Man City for another 5 years, it is likely that Man City will be the last stop in De Bruyne’s career because after his contract expires, he is 34 years old.

Man City draw the penultimate team in the rankings

Coach Pep Guardiola’s teachers and coaches drew 1-1 against West Brom in the 13th round of the Premier League on the morning of December 16.

Man City has the opportunity to seek more victory when welcoming West Brom, the team that is at the bottom of the rankings. However, the host is disappointed when the opponent is holding a draw. Gundogan opened the score, but the defenders lacked focus, making Manchester’s green half a pity.

West Brom entered the match at Etihad with great determination. The visitors almost opened the scoring in the 8th minute. Taking advantage of Man City’s defenders’ embarrassment, Karrlan Grant broke through, then shot decisively. The ball was stretched, but it found the right position of goalkeeper Ederson.

With home advantage and outstanding team quality, Man City soon regained control of the game. Coach Pep Guardiola’s army maintained a 75% possession of the ball throughout the first half and forced the opponent to retreat deeply to defend.

West Brom’s massive defender did his best, but still could not avoid the goal in the 30th minute. Sterling slipped the ball to the bottom of the line, then passed it to Gundogan to finish off the visitors’ net.

The red and yellow striped defenders spent too much attention on Gabriel Jesus, Kevin De Bruyne and let Gundogan freely choose favorable positions to score. This is the German midfielder’s first goal in the Premier League after nearly a year. With West Brom, they continue to be the club with the worst defenders in the tournament, conceding for the 26th time in just 13 matches. On average, “The Magpies” conceded 2 goals per game.

Man City defenders are not under much pressure, but they play awkwardly when West Brom organize an attack. The goal in the 43rd minute of the team in the blue shirt came from a messy ball in front of the penalty area.

Semi Ajayi used his strength to defeat Nathan Ake. After the number 6 defender’s shot, the ball touched Ruben Dias’s foot, changed direction and went into the net in an attempt by goalkeeper Ederson. This goal also ended about 10 hours and 8 minutes of keeping clean sheets in all competitions for teachers and coach Pep Guardiola.

The pressure was increased by the homeowner in the second half. Man City tried all attacks, from kicking, crossing the wings, but could not make a difference in the determination and roll of West players.

De Bruyne played hard, Sergio Aguero was also on the pitch. Former Man Utd goalkeeper, Sam Johnstones, became the hero of the visitors team with a series of saves. In the second half, the host launched 20 shots, but could not hit the net of the opponent.

Neymar reunites Messi in Man City, the Premier League explodes

Page L’Equipe (France) confirmed that it is not PSG, Man City is a name capable of making the dream of reuniting Messi and Neymar into reality.

Recently, L’Equipe (France) page has just drawn a prospect that makes football fans fall back: Neymar will reunite Lionel Messi in Man City shirt.

The roots began after the match between MU and PSG in the Champions League group stage, when Neymar suddenly expressed his desire to work with Messi next season. The statement of sub Pele also means, either Neymar bid farewell to PSG to return to Barca, or Messi left the Nou Camp to join the Ligue I. champions.

According to L’Equipe, the scenario of Barca recruiting Neymar is more difficult because “the giants of Catalunya” are in financial trouble. On the other hand, it is unlikely that the team will continue to stick with Messi when there is only 1 year of contract left.

The 33-year-old superstar can freely find a new stop from January, even to avoid losing anything, Barca is ready to sell him to a partner who pays 55 million euros (£ 50 million). Recently, Interim Chairman Carles Tusquets also admitted that he would sell Messi last summer if possible.

The remaining scenario, PSG pleased Neymar and spent money to recruit Messi. However, according to L’Equipe, the leadership of the French team is extremely headache because of a loss of 100 million euros in the 2019/20 season, not to mention preparing to lose another 150 million euros this season.

The Financial Fairness Act (FFP) stipulates that teams are not allowed to lose more than 30 million euros in 3 years. PSG is forced to sell many stars such as Mbappe and Di Maria if he really wants to recruit Messi and “carries” the estimated salary of 80 million euros of M10 in total.

Therefore, L’Equipe affirmed that Man City, a team possessing financial strength equal to PSG, is a name capable of making the Neymar – Messi reunion dream come true.

The leading French newspaper site believes that Man City owners are willing to defy all obstacles in money and the Financial Justice law. The former King of the Premier League won a spectacular victory in a July Financial Fairness lawsuit, only fined 10 million euros instead of a two-year European Cup ban.

Man City almost successfully recruited Messi in the summer transfer period of 2020 if the Argentine superstar did not decide to stay in Barca at the last minute. With the presence of coach Pep Guardiola, “half-green to Manchester” is of course still the most ideal stop for M10.

Now, owning Neymar is no different from explosion, bringing the reputation of Man City and the Premier League to a new level.