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In fact, marathon is the name originating from a legendary battle in the human history. At that time, the victory of Greek has greatly built a foundation for the born of marathon lately in Olympics.

Marathon is actually a renowned battle taking place in the autumn of 490 A.D between Athens army (Greek) and the Persians invasion. 

Throughout this battle, the soldiers had to run the distance of up to 42 km, come across all forests and hills to finally head for where battle took place and deliver the news of victory for Athens. This has been the main spirit for marathons lately. 

The determination to revenge the Athens of King Persia

According to the book named “The greatest battles in the world”, in the fifth decade A.D, Pestria under the reign of King Cyrus, became the most powerful nation in West Asia. They invaded many different regions to enhance the area of Pestria up to 2 km2.

8 years before the Marathon battle breaking out, the emirate Athens had spent their money for the suppression of the Asia Minor residents over Persia domination. This truly disappointed King Darius I. He decided to revenge Athens and at this time, they stand a high chance of carrying out the next invasion.

According to the renowned historian Herodote, Darius ppinted an arrow to the sky and siad: “ Please God let me revenge Athens by myself.” Darius also requested his intimate servant to remind him a sentence whenever meals were served: “Please think about Athens.”

After a long time of preparation, in 492 A.D, Darius carried out his first expedition. 

However, his fleet was extirpated by Teraxer quickly. This first expedition completely ended up with a failure for Pestria.