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Barca’s classic retrograde screen appears in the French dictionary

Barca’s classic comeback against PSG in the 2016/17 C1 Cup was chosen to put into the famous Larousse dictionary of France.

Barca just received a great honor when their feat in the C1 Cup was selected to be included in the French encyclopedia. According to Le Point magazine, Larousse publisher has chosen Barca’s comeback stage before PSG in C1 Cup 2016/17 season to put into the famous Larousse dictionary.

Barca’s miracle more than three years ago was used to illustrate the word “remontada”, meaning “to swim upstream”. Until now, many people still do not dare to believe that Barca can comeback against PSG after losing 0-4 in the first leg.

Barca’s comeback stage was even more unbelievable when Barca led 3-1 until 87 minutes and still need to score 3 more goals in the remaining 10 minutes to win tickets. But the miracle happened when Neymar and Sergi Roberto scored 3 goals in just 7 minutes to help Barca complete one of the greatest upstream goals in the history of the Champions League.

Since that day, the word “remontada” has become more and more popular in the media and speeches in France. For this reason, Larousse publisher decided to use Barca’s comeback to illustrate the word “remontada”.

The publisher Larousse explains that the word “remontada” is used in sports and is derived from Spanish. “Remontada” is used to describe an unbelievable comeback in football when the losing team suddenly wins, despite the fact that the gap between the two previous teams is very large.

“Remontada” also means an unexpected victory of a sports team, or an athlete in a sports competition. In addition, the word “remontada” has many other meanings outside the field of sports.