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Is jogging beneficial for health?

Jogging is the least expensive sport in terms of time and money, it helps to consume excess fat in the body, making the muscles become firmer. 

Regular jogging helps stabilize the heart, increases blood pressure, raises good HDL cholesterol. Thereby improving blood sugar, helping reduce the likelihood of cardiovascular diseases.

Jogging regularly helps you feel relaxed, reduces stress because it affects the mental psychology of the practitioner. Those who run regularly will have more mental comfort, less anxiety, depression, because the brain now produces Endorphins is an active mood improvement. Help athletes feel more optimistic and love life. In addition, running will make the blood and oxygen to the brain more regulated. So your mind is always at ease, whether you are out to run or run on the machine. A study by the gym of Georgina University said: When the mood is being compressed, exercising an hour is 3 times better than taking time to rest. Jogging is the perfect way to relieve stress anxiety, help us have a good spirit to start a new day full of energy.

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Jogging helps you lose weight, reduce belly fat, but the rate of reduction in belly fat is different for everyone. And the amount of fat loss also depends on the time and intensity of the runner. Basically, body fat cannot be reduced in a certain area. The benefit of running is to reduce body fat. And how the fat loss is determined by your body. It depends on the intensity of your training as well as the calories you consume. However, the best weight loss effect is possible. You should also have a diet, exercise and a reasonable rest.

When running, your body is required to perform a continuous metabolism, breathing rate is much higher than when the body is at rest. Causes all internal gas to be exchanged out. It can compress the remaining toxic gas to stagnate outside when breathing heavily. The amount of oxygen that reaches the tissues is greater, helping to clean out the harmful substances. This activity will contribute to labor savings for the resistance system. When you run at high intensity, it helps your body get used to breathing in the air in a high level. When not running, your body does simple tasks every day without getting tired. The breathing is more stable.       

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Morning jogging is the best way for you to start your day, because the body has just been purified after a long sleep, it is very good for sports activities. Maybe due to work and circumstances … should not be able to jog early in the morning, choose to practice in the afternoon or evening. Jogging any time is beneficial, so always choose the level of exercise that suits your condition. Avoid when the weather is too hot, the air is smoky. At that time, the amount of oxygen in the air is low, it is difficult to feed enough for the body to be active. You can flexibly adjust your schedule so you don’t get interrupted too long. Because if you skip training for a long time, it will make it harder for the body to harmonize compared to the beginning of the workout.

If you do not have the patience to run down the road, or are afraid of environmental issues, the exercise machine at home can still meet itself to train with high intensity.