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India’s long jump queen wins world-class achievement even with just one kidney

Anju Bobby George, who was dubbed the “Queen of the Indian long jump”, shocked the world of athletics with her bronze medal 17 years ago.

17 years after becoming the first and only Indian athlete to “stand on the podium” at the World Athletics Championship, “The Queen of Long Jump” Anju Bobby George surprised many people with the secret she had hidden for years.

Recently on Twitter, the former athlete born in 1977 wrote: “Believe it or not, I have stepped up to the top group in the world when my body has only one kidney, is allergic to pain relievers, numbness foot and many other diseases”.

It happened 17 years ago, at the 2003 IAAF World Athletics Championship in Paris (France), then Anju was 26 years old, the same age as she won the gold medal for ASIAD 2018 in Indonesia with a 6m55 jump. That year, Anja opened his competition with a jump of 6m61 and then finished with his best record of 6m70 to become the first and only Indian athlete to stand at a podium at an athletics tournament of World Athletics Federation. Before that, in 2002, Anja won gold medal ASIAD Busan (Korea) with the achievement of 6m53.

Two years later, at the IAAF World Athletics Final held in Monte Carlo, the athletics award for the best eight athletes in 2005, Anju upgraded the gold medal won in the world tournament that same year in Helsinki (Finland. ) up to the prestigious gold medal. She also represented India at the 2004 Athens Olympics in Greece and won 6th place with her personal best performance of 6m83. Anja was later promoted to 5th place in 2007 because rival Marion Jones (USA) was found to use banned substances.

During her years of long-distance jumping, Anja was coached by her husband, Robert Bobby George. And also called my achievement thanks to “the magic of the coach’s talent”. Anja claims that she is born with only one kidney. The 2001 medical tests showed that, and she still worked hard to achieve the feat in 2003.

Anju Bobby George’s statement caught the attention of Indian and international athletes. Indian sports minister Kiren Rijiju also acknowledged Anju’s remarkable contributions to the country’s sports and called her role model in sport.