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The thugs ruin the life of Sir Alex (Part 2)

After the 2000/01 Premier League title, coach Ferguson brought in midfielder Laurent Blanc and midfielder Juan Sebastian Veron, two blockbuster contracts directly threatening the position of Wallwork.

Instead of competing to continue playing, the English midfielder decided to leave. In the summer of 2002, Wallwork left MU to West Brom on a free transfer.

Ferguson expressed regret for losing the player and declared ” Wallwork was the best free contract that year “. “ He has enormous potential at Old Trafford but is unlucky. Wallwork is a promising defensive player of English football , ”said Ferguson.

Along with money disputes with the team leadership, Wallwork was disappointing at the new club. West Brom relegated in 2003 and the former MU star’s career followed.

However, the shield of the Scottish tactician could not save the whole career of Wallwork, when the player himself destroyed it.

In November 2006, while struggling with his career at West Brom, Wallwork and his girlfriend Amy Broadbent were involved in a serious brawl while hanging out in a nightclub.

After exchanging words with Broadbent’s ex-boyfriend, West Brom midfielder was stabbed 7 times by the enemy. The perpetrator Robert Rimmer was later arrested and jailed for 5 years. Wallwork was hospitalized for 2 weeks.

From here, Wallwork’s career began to plunge. The serious injury after the bar stab caused Wallwork’s health problems. The England international cannot compete in the starting XI at West Brom. He wandered to many junior clubs.

By 2008, Wallwork fell into unemployment. The BBC revealed Wallwork had serious financial problems after its own business venture failed. Debt besieged Wallwork and he began to get entangled in illegal businesses.

Wallwork tried to sell his kit as a Premier League player to cover the costs. After that, he began getting involved in the notorious British bandits of robbers, who were willing to shoot innocent people to rob money.

In November 2011, Wallwork was arrested by police for concealing illegal property. Authorities identified Wallwork as part of a car theft line, and directly involved in the sale of the said cars.

The judge rejected the lawyer ‘s defense and sentenced Wallwork to three felony counts of 15 months in prison.

Judging by Judge Newell at the time was the end of Wallwork’s football career, who was once regarded as the “jewel” of Manchester United and English football.

It was not until 2014, after being released from prison, that Wallwork returned to play for a semi-professional club of English football. Many fans hope the Premier League champion will pay back and draw lessons for themselves.