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The nurse left Maradona in a fateful morning

Diego Maradona entered his bedroom at 7:30 am on November 24, after complaining of fatigue, but the nurse responsible for looking after him did not come with him for an examination.

Dahiana Gisela Madrid, a nurse of the medical care company Medidom, admitted on November 27 that she did not see Diego Maradona sleeping as her original testimonial. She said she had only heard the 60-year-old legend screaming tired, before he went to his bedroom. According to Gisela Madrid, after the sudden death of the “Golden Boy”, she was asked by her employer to report as having a check while Maradona slept.

The San Isidro prosecutor’s office said from the nurse’s second attestation it could be confirmed that Gisela Madrid was the last person to see Maradona alive, around 6:30 a.m. on November 24 when she started her shift. At that time, Gisela Madrid made sure to see Maradona sleeping and breathing normally. The nurse’s cell phone is being checked by the prosecutor, mostly messages reporting work with Medidom, via the WhatsApp app.

Prosecutors also confirmed that the ambulance took 11 minutes to arrive at Maradona’s mansion, according to security camera inspection results and call logs. Before that, Maradona’s lawyer Matias Morla asked to open an investigation with the Swiss Medical company when its ambulance took 30 minutes to be present. According to the investigation results, the first ambulance call from Maradona’s house took place at 12:17 am and the ambulance arrived at 12:28. The person who made the call was Maximiliano Pomgargo, Maradona’s personal assistant and lawyer Morla’s brother-in-law.

Maradona died in a house in the suburbs of Tigre (Buenos Aires), rented by him, after a heart attack on November 25. He died just over half a month after surgery to take a hematoma in the brain. His death left many unanswered questions, from having to rehabilitate in a suburban house instead of a large medical facility, to the fact that he had not received medical care for many hours.