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The 63-year-old man completed his half-marathon just three weeks after leaving COVID-19

A 63-year-old runner in India has completed a 21km run exactly 3 weeks after recovering from COVID-19 treatment.

Mr. Jagat Karani (63 years old) surprised and admired many people when he completed a semi-marathon in Gandhingar in early December when he had just undergone a COVID-19 epidemic treatment three weeks earlier.

Mr. Karani contracted COVID-19 in November 2020 and his lungs were severely damaged by this dangerous virus. After being diagnosed with the illness, he felt very “itchy” when he saw his friends participating in the Adani Ahmedabad Marathon on November 29, 2020 and he was determined not to sit still.

He signed up for a run in Gandhingar, although a group of six doctors treated him, his friends and his wife to discourage him. “I still want to run to prove to everyone that even infected with COVID-19, it is not a death sentence. I don’t want to become weak just because I have to be treated in the hospital ”.

As a result, on the 21st day after recovering from his illness, Mr. Karani completed 21km in this tournament with a time of 2 hours 42 minutes. “My friends drove and honked to cheer beside me as I ran this tournament. I feel very happy because I dare to take a risk to do something that many people think can not be done”.

In fact, Mr. Jagat Karani has been a movement runner for four years. He has been participating in marathons since 2016 and has completed all 84 tournaments that he registered.

“I want to go through this run to send everyone the message that I should not be too scared to translate COVID-19 and let fear weaken me. Please exercise regularly to have a better physical foundation”.

India is currently one of the countries with the highest number of people infected with COVID-19. According to statistics, this country has over 10.1 million people infected, about 9.72 million people have recovered and more than 147,000 people have died from this dangerous virus.

Sergio Ramos: The player between good and evil (Part 2)

In the 2017 Champions League final, Ramos was lying on the field after being pushed lightly by Juan Cuadrado. The warm Colombian left the field with a red card.

In the 2018 Champions League final, his hand lock caused Mohamed Salah to leave the game with tears. He makes neutral fans and opponents uncomfortable, and Madridista can rest assured if he is on the pitch.

When Real Madrid were conceded three times by a Shakhtar Donetsk missing 10 players because of COVID-19, the Madridista missed Ramos. That match, the 34-year-old midfielder was absent due to injury. When Raheem Sterling and Gabriel Jesus scored twice against Thibaut Courtois in the second leg of the UEFA Champions League round of 16 last season, the audience suddenly realized that a midfielder who had confirmed his class like Raphael Varane was also at times like a schoolboy when Ramos isn’t around. That day, the 34-year-old midfielder sat in the stands because he was suspended.

According to Transfermarkt, the Spanish defender is the player with the third number of Real Madrid caps in history. He also only missed 1 more goal to get 100 goals for Los Blancos, equal to the performance of former player Fernando Morientes.

Ramos has long been a living legend for Real Madrid. The goals he scored, many of them, are historic by importance for Los Blancos. Although not born in Madrid, he is the leader of the dressing room, the representative face of the royal team, embodying the immortal spirit of Madridismo inherited from Raul Gonzalez, Guti and Iker Casillas.

In the LaLiga 36th round of the 2004/2005 season, Real Madrid with the Galacticos star marched to the Sanchez Pizjuan stadium of Sevilla. In the 18th minute, the home team enjoyed a free kick from a distance of 30 meters. Central midfielder Renato pushes the ball, 21-year-old defender Sergio Ramos takes a thunderous shot, swirling ball completely defeated Casillas.

In the stands, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez watched the ball go into the net and Ramos was running away in celebration. In the transfer window that summer, he joined the Santiago Bernabeu team for 27 million euros, a record with a Spanish defender. Ramos received the number 4 shirt once worn by the legendary Hierro. And a new legend was born from that time.


The most long-standing running event Boston Marathon has been decidedly delayed from the 20th of April to the 14th of September for fear of the outbreak of Covid-19. 

Boston local authority in the early morning of 13th March, brought new law which forbids events gathering large crowds as they will be a hotbed for virus spreading. Lately, the Boston Athletic Association (BAA) – Organization Department of Boston Marathon – has decided to have this year running tournament postponed and also replace the revenue. 

“Along with Massachusetts, Boston city will carry out different necessary measures to protect the health of the whole community. BAA approves with the decision of local authority which Boston Marathon can not take place on 20th, April 2020. We will try our best to call off the 124th Boston Marathon Event to Monday, 14th of September 2020.” – according to BAA’s announcement. 

Athletes and other staff will receive more detail information in the next few days.

Boston Marathon is the most long-standing running tournament which is first held in 1897. During more than 100 years, regardless of world wars, dreadful weather and other crises, this running event always took place in every yearly April. 

This year, a few weeks ago, BAA still wanted to keep this tradition. However, because of the rapid spread of dangerous pandemic recently, Boston and the other 7 states’ authority has put pressure on BAA to postpone the marathon. 

Boston Marathon is one of 6 most renowned running tournaments, belongs to the World Marathon Majors. 5 other famous running events are the New York City Marathon, Chicago Marathon, London Marathon, Berlin Marathon và Tokyo Marathon. Besides having enormous popularity, the Boston Marathon also brings great economic advantages for the city it takes place. According to Boston Marty Walsh, yearly, this running event gains almost 200 million USD for the local economy, and around 36 million USD is devoted to various charity activities.