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Sergio Ramos: The player between good and evil (Part 1)

A few weeks ago, the Spanish team won over Switzerland in the UEFA Nations League.

After the match, Sergio Ramos posted on social media a video clip of a situation where Swiss striker Ruben Vargas held the ball to attack on the left flank of the Spanish penalty area. At this point, Ramos turned sideways, hooked back with his right foot, hit the ball and released a dangerous attack from the opponent.

“Access denied”, the Spanish defender wrote a caption in English with this video. A stunt that shows a high level of confidence but is really beautiful when it is successfully executed.

Recently, Ramos made a similar ball, and the opponent is Lionel Messi, a person much tougher than Ruben Vargas. 90 + 4 minutes, the Argentine superstar held the ball from home, Barcelona pushed the team up and Real Madrid pulled down. Ramos ran back and watched Messi.

In a decisive moment, he raised his hand to his teammates and then accelerated, rushing towards the ball. Like the situation facing Vargas, he turned horizontally compared to Messi and then used his right foot to jerk back. The ball was broken out of the Barca captain’s feet.

That ball was a highlight of Sergio Ramos in the last El Clasico match. And of course, it is impossible not to mention the situation that gave Real Madrid a penalty after causing Clement Lenglet to be blasted for a shirt-pulling foul. Barca side said why Lenglet pulled his shirt forward, but Ramos fell back.

 But somehow, the captain of Real Madrid is always a master of “dark art” in such controversial situations. A player who has received 26 red cards in his career, but is not a power defender who only knows how to cut iron. It is a master lurking between light and darkness, making the world admire his excellent handling but also receives many attacks because of the situations he makes the opponent stand up to complain the referee in anger.