The world record for 1 hour waiting is broken in the Belgian Diamond League

This weekend, the whole world turns to Brussels (Belgium) to watch the top performances in the Diamond League series, including a very attractive content.

The Brussels Diamond League 2020 is the 4th tournament in the Diamond League chain to be held this year without the crowd cheering to avoid COVID-19 infection. After Monaco, Stockholm and Lausanne, this tournament in Belgium is more noticeable because there are some content that are expected to have a world record.

The first is the 1-hour run, which is set to have a world record in both male and female content. The world record for running 1 hour in a stadium is currently 18,517m (female) and 21,285m (male). Dire Tune set the women’s record on June 12, 2008 while fellow Ethiopian Haile Gebrselassie held the men’s record from June 27, 2007.

In Belgium this time, the world record for one hour run is threatened by the participation of two famous stars today, Sifan Hassan, the Ethiopian Dutch runner. The female athlete born in 1993 won 2 gold medals of 1500m and 10,000m at the 2019 World Championship. 

Hassan’s rival will be Brigid Kosgei, the runner holding the women’s marathon world record (42,195km) with a 2:14:04 record. The Kenyan long-distance star will compete in an indoor track for the first time. She won the London Marathon for two consecutive years (2018, 2019) and set a world record at the Chicago Marathon 2019 … Not only did she hold the world record marathon distance, Kosgei also had a very good personal record for 21, 1km is 64 minutes 28 seconds (64:28) and 48:54 for 15km.

In men’s content, Sir Mo Farah (UK) also aims to break the world record for one hour men’s run. The star born in 1983 was a famous 5000m and 10,000m running star, before taking on marathons and winning the 2018 Chicago Marathon and establishing his best personal record 2:05:11. At the same time is the European record men’s marathon.

In addition, Faith Kipyegon (Kenya) also set a target to break the world record for the 1000m female running content (2: 28.98) set by Svetlana Masterkova (Russia) from 23/8/1996. Brussels Diamond League 2020 also brings together Europe’s top athletes such as: Jakob Ingebrigtsen (Norway), who broke the European record of 1500m for men in Monaco 3 weeks ago; or hot boy pole jumping Armand Duplantis (Sweden), who holds the world record for pole jump indoors (6m18) …

Also in Monaco, the track and field village had the opportunity to get waves when Joshua Cheptegei (Uganda) broke the world record for a 5000m men’s run with a record of 12: 35.36, surpassed the old record of 12: 37.35 set by Kenenisa Bekele (Ethiopia) for 16 previous years(2004).

Why is August so meaningful to “The King of Speed” Usain Bolt?

Usain Bolt is referred to as “The Lightning of Jamaica”, the “king of speed” and coincidentally his excellent world records were all set in August.

Happy new age every August

The world track and field village will not have a legendary Usain Bolt without a turning point that takes him from a guy who loves to play music, once dreamed of becoming a DJ, to speedrunning. When he was a child, Bolt had a scoliosis which made his right leg about 13mm shorter than his left leg.

Usain Bolt was born on August 21, 1986, in Sherwood Content. Usain grew up on the streets with a hobby of playing cricket and soccer and had never thought of any other sport. But at the age of 12, in a school run contest, Usain Bolt boy easily won the 100m run.

Up to middle school, Usain still only played cricket. Until one day, Usain’s coach suggested and directed him to athletics. And then, the first teachers were Pablo McNeil, a former Olympic speed runner, and Dwayne Jarrett coached Usain from those early days.

And then from the age of 15, Usain Bolt began to participate in the first major competitions. Bolt scored 48 seconds 28 (48.28) for 400 meters at the CARIFTA Games 2001, a Caribbean regional competition, under the Jamaican shirt and won a silver medal. He won another silver medal in the 200m content with a 21.81 record.

At the world level, Usain Bolt participated in the Young World Championship in Debrecen (Hungary) and did not win the right to the 200m final. However, the 15-year-old boy still has a personal record at that time of 21.73.

100m world record 

On August 16, 2008, at the Beijing Summer Olympics (China), Usain Bolt set a new world record 100m content with a record of 9.69. And coincidentally, on that same day a year later (August 16, 2009), Usain Bolt set the world record for running 100 meters and has existed until now.

11 years ago, at the 2009 World Championship held in Berlin (Germany), 23-year-old Usain Bolt has made the world admire with an unprecedented record. Competing with Bolt at the time was Tyson Gay, one of America’s best speed running legends.

Bolt finished first with a time of 9.58, beating Gay with a record of 9.71, just 0.02 seconds below Bolt’s previous world record set at the 2008 Beijing Olympics (9.69). 9.69 to 9.58 represents a huge step forward in the achievement of speed runs using modern electronic timing systems.

The male 100m record in the world until now has not been broken. And experts predict it will be difficult to find a perfect speed runner like Usain Bolt to be able to break this record.

A world record of 200 meters was also set in August

August seems to be a great time to mark a glorious milestone for the Jamaican Lightning track career.

Exactly on August 19, 2009 also in Berlin, Usain Bolt set another record in the 200m run. 19.19 is the world record of 200m content and still exists today. Not only that, Usain Bolt and his teammates created a new world record in the 4x100m men’s relay with a 37.10 record, breaking the old record 37.31 set at the 2008 Beijing Olympics by the Jamaican team.

Usain Bolt is still the world record for all three prestigious speed runs: 100m, 200m and 4x100m, with a record holding time of 11 years.

Usain Bolt has won a total of 8 Olympic gold medals, is the only speed runner to win 100m and 200m gold medals in three consecutive Olympics (2008, 2012 and 2016). Bolt also won a total of 11 world championships, of which he was unmatched at 100m, 200m and 4×100 in a row from 2009 to 2015.

In 2017, Usain Bolt announced his retirement. He is currently living with his longtime girlfriend Kasi Bennett and the two have just welcomed their first daughter on May 17, 2020. Usain Bolt named his daughter Olympia Lightning Bolt, the name voted best in 2020.

“Blurred mutant” SEA Games champion dreams of Paralympics gold

A star running 400m from the Philippines, who won the SEA Games, is aiming for another record with the ambition to win a gold medal at Paralympics.

In the history of world athletics, there are not many cases of athletes achieving high results in both competitions for ordinary people and people with disabilities. But the Southeast Asian track and field village, particularly the Philippines, may be about to have such a “mutant”.

King 400m SEA Games 2013

At the 2013 SEA Games in Myanmar, Filipino athletics impressed with a special character, that is Archand Christian Bagsit. At the age of 22 at the time, Bagsit won a gold medal for a 400m run with a record 47 seconds 22 (47.22), beating compatriot Edgardo Alejan Jr (47.45) and Indonesian athlete Edy Ariansyah (47.78).

This is also the content where Vietnamese athletics had two stars at that time, Le Trong Hinh and Quach Cong Lich. Unfortunately, in the second qualifying run, Quach Cong Lich did not finish the run (DNF), while Le Trong Hinh reached the final but only finished out of the eight contestants, with a record of 49.22.

Not only winning the prestigious individual 400m gold medal, Archand Christian Bagsit and his teammates also won the men’s 4x400m gold medal with achievements (3: 09.32), ranked above the Thai team (3: 09.81) and Malaysia (3: 15.06).

Different health condition

Although shining in the 2013 SEA Games with 2 such excellent gold medals, but few people know that Archand Christian Bagsit has a body condition not like other normal people. From birth, Bagsit had problems with eyesight. His eyes could not see clearly objects 2-5m away, all blurred.

But with a passion for athletics, this guy is still practicing and achieving remarkable achievements. After the 2013 SEA Games, Bagsit still joined the Philippines track and field team to attend the 2017 SEA Games in Malaysia and won two more bronze medals in men’s relay events: 4 × 100m and 4 × 400m.

Change direction and daring goals

Since the 2017 SEA Games, Archand Christian Bagsit was withdrawn from the national athletics team because his performance was no longer the same as before, along with a weaker vision condition than other athletes.

Bagsit has received a T12 assessment and disability rating. He was summoned to the national team to attend the 10th Asean Para Games in the Philippines itself in 2020. However, this event was canceled due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Mr. Joel Deriada – coach of the Philippines handicapped track and field team, said that he invited Bagsit to join the team and directed this athlete to qualify for the World Para Games in 2021 (Japan) at two running distances of 100m and 400m. Disability class T12.

Mr. Deriada is confident that Bagsit can make a difference at the Paralympics by having very good personal records at both distances. According to the standard results table, to participate in Paralympics needs a better time 11.50 with 100m and 53.40 with 400m T12 disabled class.

Having run 400m with a time of 47.22 at the 2013 Myanmar SEA Games, Bagsit hopes to win this gold medal when the defending champion Quichao Sun (China) only reaches 48.57 at Rio Para Games 2016 (Brazil). . In the 100m content, Bagsit’s personal best is 10.66, which is also better than the gold medal that Leiner Savon Pineda (Cuba-10.97) won in Rio 4 years ago.

If that goal is achieved, Archand Christian Bagsit could become the first male Southeast Asian athlete to win a gold medal at both the SEA Games and the Paralympics.

Why has MU received so many incredible penalties this season? (Part 2)

7. Anthony Martial vs Norwich City (October 27, 2019)

Fred threw a volley forward, sending the ball into the arm of Todd Cantwell raised above his head. Technology once again decided to penalize MU, but Martial was blocked by goalkeeper Krul. 

Verdict: Penalty clear

8. Marcus Rashford vs Chelsea (October 30, 2019)

Speed ​​was again the key when James crossed into the box to make Marcos Alonso clumsily fouled from behind.

Verdict: Penalty clear

9. Marcus Rashford vs Tottenham (December 4, 2019)

Rashford accelerated to defeat Serge Aurier on the left before crossing Moussa Sissoko in the penalty area. The Tottenham midfielder had an impact on both feet causing Rashford to fall onto the pitch.

Verdict: Penalty, although Rashford is a bit lucky 

10. Marcus Rashford vs Man City (December 7, 2019)

Although the referee continued, VAR decided to punish Rashford with a speed that surpassed Gabriel Jesus before being blocked by Bernardo Silva in the penalty area.

Verdict: Penalty clear

11. Juan Mata vs AZ Alkmaar (December 12, 2019)
This time, Mason Greenwood’s speed is decisive. The teen striker was defeated by Owen Wijndal.

Verdict: Penalty clear

12. Marcus Rashford vs Norwich (January 11, /2020)

The speed of Williams brought a penalty for MU. It was a clever move from the young defender in the face of goalkeeper Krul.

Verdict: Williams is clever, but still a penalty

13. Mason Greenwood vs Tranmere (January 26, 2020)

Tahith Chong suddenly received the ball and was faster than goalkeeper Scott Davies, who was forced to stop with his feet.

Verdict: Penalty clear

14. Bruno Fernandes vs Watford (February 23, 2020)

Speed ​​again was the key for MU when Fernandes went into the penalty area and goalkeeper Ben Foster was forced to stop.

Verdict: Penalty clear

15. Bruno Fernandes vs Club Brugge (February 27, 2020)

Red card for defender Simon Deli when holding out his arm to block Daniel James shot, which is absolutely unnecessary.

Verdict: Penalty clear

16. Bruno Fernandes vs Tottenham (June 19, 2020)

MU was awarded two penalties in this match, with the second being overturned by VAR. There was no doubt about the first situation when Pogba was felled by Eric Dier in the penalty area.

Verdict: Penalty clear

17. Marcus Rashford vs Bournemouth (July 7, 2020)

Adam Smith uses his right hand to push the ball after Nemanja Matic’s shot. It was clearly discovered by referee Mike Dean.

Verdict: Penalty clear

18. Bruno Fernandes vs Aston Villa (July 9, 2020)

The most controversial situation on social networks. Fernandes, who tried to control the ball in the box, stepped on the foot of Konsa of Aston Villa. 

Verdict: MU’s most suspicious penalty in the season

The 5 highest teen basketball talents in the world: Tacko Fall also loses

Although still in their teens, the names on the list below are higher than most current NBA players, some even surpass Tacko Fall.

Harold Yu – 2m21

With a height of 2m21, Harold Yu is the highest player in 2020 of American high school basketball. As teammate of Bronny James, son of superstar LeBron James, Yu received a lot of attention. He was born and raised in Hangzhou, China. His mother is 1m98 tall, and his father is 2m18 tall.

In the Sierra Canyon, Harold was playing next to the son of many basketball stars. He was a teammate of son Scottie Pippen, before wearing the same shirt with his son LeBron James as well as Dwyane Wade. The Chinese player will qualify for the NBA Draft 2021, but the hope of joining this tournament is not really high.

Olivier Rioux – 2m21

If Harold Yu reached a height of 2m21 at the age of 17, Olivier Rioux had that figure when he was 14 years old. The Canadian player became famous a few years ago when videos when he played football at the elementary level became famous on social networks and attracted millions of views.

At 2m13 when he was 12 years old and 5 cm taller when he welcomed his 13th birthday, Rioux quickly received the attention of the top basketball clubs in the world. Real Madrid quickly signed the young talent last year. As predicted, the Canadian player can reach a height of 2m31.

Thomas Wright – 2m23

In Scotland in particular and the United Kingdom, basketball is not a focused and developed sport. However, this place owns one of the most promising basketball talent in the world is Thomas Wright, who reached a height of 2m23 at the age of 19.

Wright has been called up to the Scotland U18 squad and is currently training at North Atlantic. The 19-year-old said he had gained 5 cm in just 2 months and could have grown even more. He aims to develop his career in the US.

Brandon Marshall – 2m24

Than Thomas Wright only 0.5cm, Brandon Marshall is confirmed as the tallest teenager in the UK. Studies show that the 19-year-old can be as tall as 2m32 and become the tallest person in the UK. 

Like Wright, Marshall also chose basketball as a career path. He was summoned to the Wales U20 team in 2017 when he was only 16 years old. However, Brandon Marshall has not shown any significant level of development in recent years.

Robert Bobroczky – 2m31

The son of an Armenian basketball player 2m15 tall, Robert Bobroczky also developed impressive height. At the age of 12, Robert was taller than his father but weighed only 86kg. His height is entirely due to genes, not because of any disease.

Bobroczky joined the training facility in his home town at the age of 14, before moving to the United States two years later. He trained at SPIRE Sports Academy until 2018. The player of the Grand River Academy is currently the second highest basketball player in the world. Bobroczky is currently available in 5 languages.

Why has MU received so many incredible penalties this season? (Part 1)

MU has received a total of 18 penalties this season in all competitions. So what is the reason for this special situation?

Man Utd has been awarded 18 penalties in all competitions this season, including 13 in the Premier League. Most recently the controversial situation that Bruno Fernandes brought in the victory over Aston Villa.

But does MU benefit from luck or is there a reason they have won a lot of penalties? Here are all 18 decisions to award penalties for the “Red Devils”.

1. Marcus Rashford vs Chelsea (August 11, 2019) 

Rashford broke into the penalty area and turned the ball inward, causing Kurt Zouma to make a foul. It was a poor defensive act, after which Rashford scored from the penalty spot.

Verdict: Penalty clear

2. Paul Pogba vs Wolves (August 19, 2019)

Pogba and Martial organized the match and when the French midfielder turned the ball in the box, he fell under the outstretched legs of Conor Coady. Defender Wolves tried to talk about the fact that Pogba intentionally stumbled on his foot, even though the MU star failed.

Verdict: Clever fall but nonetheless a penalty

3. Marcus Rashford vs Crystal Palace (August 24, 2019)

Martial controlled the ball in the box and Scott McTominay stumbled under the impact of Luka Milivojevic. This time Rashford received a penalty but was unsuccessful.

Verdict: Penalty clear

4. Marcus Rashford vs Leicester City (September 24, 2019)

Leicester’s Caglar Soyuncu stretches his foot to the side as Rashford gets in the box.

Verdict: Penalty clear

Second chance helped Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford ...

5. Anthony Martial vs Partizan Belgrade (October 24, 2019)

From the left, Brandon Williams accelerated to overcome Nemanja Miletic and the defender’s desperate effort made the opponent fall. Martial converted a penalty successfully.

Verdict: Penalty clear

6. Marcus Rashford vs Norwich City (October 27, 2019)

This was a penalty decided by VAR when Ben Godfrey nudged Daniel James into the penalty area to receive the ball from Martial. 

Verdict: Penalty clear

Defeating Arsenal and Chelsea, Napoli bought an African player for 70 million euros

Napoli has officially completed the transfer of Victor Osimhen from Lille to become the second most expensive African player of all time.

Napoli had to pay 70 million euros to get Victor Osimhen from Lille, but if you include the bonus, the value would be up to 80 million euros. That is how they beat rivals Arsenal and Chelsea.

So, in the case of full payment, Osimhen will surpass Nicolas Pepe (79 million euros, from Lille to Arsenal) to become the most expensive African player of all time. Osimhen costs 70 million euros plus 10 million bonuses. According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, this is a contract worth 80 million euros, including 70 million to pay for 5 years and a bonus of 10 million for certain results. In addition, Lille took 4 players including Karnezis, Manzo, Palmieri and Liguori from Napoli, but two separate activities. 

For his part, Osimhen signed a 5-year contract and received a salary of 4 million euros for the first year. It will increase to 4.5 million until the last year. Osimhen is appreciated for his ability to score goals. Osimhen was born in Lagos, Nigeria on December 29, 1998. He grew up in the Strickers Academy youth club in Lagos, becoming a professional when he moved to Wolfsburg.

In Germany, Osimhen played in the 2017/18 season and then went to Belgium to play for Charleroi, where he scored 20 goals in 36 matches. 

This development of Osimhen continues to be maintained in France with Lille in the 2019/20 season, where he has 18 goals in 38 appearances. 

For Nigeria, Osimhen conquered the 2015 World Cup U17 in 2015 as a top scorer with 10 goals. In the senior national team, he debuted in June 2017 and so far he has 10 games, scoring 4 goals.

Top 10 Arsenal players are expected to leave Arsenal in the summer

Arsenal will carry out reforms this summer with a lot of players leaving. Here are 10 names that are betting on the possibility of a breakup.

Do you know who are in the top 10 Arsenal players that are expected to leave Arsenal in the summer? Let’s find out in this article!

Coach Mikel Arteta will liquidate a number of players in the process of revamping the Arsenal squad, including the sale of big names. The latest odds show that Matteo Guendouzi will almost leave.
Guendouzi made Arteta very disappointed in his attitude when the midfielder caused trouble in the match against Brighton, including the act of disparaging the opponent’s salary.According to the latest odds of Ladbrokes, Guendouzi topped the list of 10 players likely to leave the Emirates this summer at a rate of 1/5 (put 5 to 1).

Guendouzi has the ability to leave so high because he has not participated in training with the first team since June and Arsenal intends to include in exchange for Thomas Partey of Atletico Madrid.

In the same situation, Sead Kolasinac was one third (3 to 1), who has not been respected since Arteta arrived and was only the second option on the left wing of Kieran Tierney. In the next positions are right-backs Ainley Maitland-Niles (1/2), Sokratis (4/6), Mesut Ozil (4/6), Calum Chambers (5/4), Lucas Torreira (11/8) ), Alexandre Lacazette (2/1), Reiss Nelson (February 5).

Aubameyang alone ranks 6th in the Top 10 players most likely to leave Arsenal but the house doesn’t offer odds. That’s because the club is trying to keep him with a new contract.

On the contrary, from the management, coaches to the fans want to see Ozil leave when the player receiving the £ 350,000 salary this week does not contribute much to the team.

Zidane – the great wonder of Real Madrid (Part 2)

Zidane’s secret

Regardless of what Zidane thought he understood about football, he actually woke up when he moved to Juventus in the summer of 1996. He was even shocked by the intensity of training during his first pre-season there.

Working under the guidance of fitness coach Giampiero Ventrone, Pintus set a harsh training pace for Juventus. In 2016, Pintus was chosen by Zidane as Real’s fitness coach. It is Pintus’s lesson plans that helped Real Madrid win the La Liga championship and successfully defend the Champions League in the 2016/17 season.

Zidane,  Real Madrid,  Cristiano Ronaldo,  Juventus,  Serie A anh 2

Zidane also used his physical understanding to convince Cristiano Ronaldo to rest at the right time to achieve the highest level when he entered the Champions League knockout stage. That worked when the Portuguese striker burst into action in the last two seasons with Real Madrid.

In addition to training on the pitch, Zidane is also impressed by the winning culture of Juventus. There, coach Marcello Lippi creates an environment where only the highest standards are accepted.

When he joined Real Madrid in the summer of 2001, Zidane was the World Cup and Euro champion with the French team. Besides, Zidane also won 2 Serie A titles, Golden Ball and 2 times honored as the World’s Best Player of FIFA. The volley against Bayer Leverkusen in the final in Glasgow helped Real Madrid win the 9th Champions League and continued to affirm Zidane as one of the greatest players of all time.

His accomplishments on the pitch, along with the relationship with the Real Madrid pillars since he was assistant coach Carlo Ancelotti has helped Zidane have respect in the dressing room. Using the art of “Winning People”, Zidane laid the foundations for incredible success over two and a half years in his first term.

Zidane,  Real Madrid,  Cristiano Ronaldo,  Juventus,  Serie A anh 3

From a tactical perspective, Zidane didn’t invent anything. His approach is to create a solid defensive structure to allow free attack players to show their talents. Journalist Hermel said that Zidane is a pragmatic tactician or dislikes discussing tactics in public. This reflects the belief that Zidane had developed during his time in Italy that secrecy is part of the strategy.

Zidane’s excellence as a coach is reflected in his ability to understand the changing room mentality and convey his composure to the players. He learned that from Coach Lippi. Very calm and decisive when making big decisions. Zidane does not always give orders to the players. Instead, he lets the players do their jobs. When the goal comes, he will show emotion, but try to calm the team to play.

While playing, Zidane always found the best way to talk to other players. When he became a coach, Zidane did the same. He controlled the dressing room by chatting and passing on the winning personality to the players.

Zidane – the great wonder of Real Madrid (Part 1)

Zidane became a monument to his career. However, the French legend also reached the level of perfection as a coach of Real Madrid.

Witschge’s remarks are also a common opinion from Zidane’s former teammates. Perhaps a bit of a surprise, not many of them have seen the change of the former French midfielder, although he himself admits he had no intention of pursuing a coaching career after retiring in 2006.

Signs of Zidane’s success

Zidane did the opposite. He started as Real Madrid’s sporting director , assistant coach and Castilla coach before being appointed head coach, replacing Rafa Benitez in January 2016.

Zidane,  Real Madrid,  Cristiano Ronaldo,  Juventus,  Serie A anh 1

Even Zidane’s most ardent fans cannot predict how he will succeed by helping Real Madrid win three consecutive Champions League titles (an unprecedented feat in history), La Liga 2016/17. with 2 FIFA Club World Cup titles in 2 and a half years.

When he returned to Real Madrid to start his second term in March 2019, Zidane was one of the most successful coaches in world football. Initially, Zidane was suspected when there were many views that he did not have the qualifications to become a coach. However, it was that that made his success even more surprising.

If you look closely at Zidane’s career, you can see that he has found a way to become a coach. These traits have gradually formed in Zidane’s body while others or himself are not aware.

Zidane,  Real Madrid,  Cristiano Ronaldo,  Juventus,  Serie A anh 2

Zidane was close friends with David Bettoni, his assistant at Real Madrid, when they joined the young Cannes team. Analyst Stephane Plancque was also Zidane’s partner in Bordeaux.

Meanwhile, Zidane first met Antonio Pintus, the former Real Madrid fitness coach, when he joined Juventus from Bordeaux in 1996. Perhaps, Zidane was not in a hurry to show interest in the lead. However, the supporting cast around him was already waiting in the wings.

Observing from afar and taciturn nature seem to be an obstacle for Zidane when pursuing the coach’s career. However, the people who work with Zidane do not consider it a weakness, but rather an indication that he values ​​listening rather than speaking.

Contrary to being tight-lipped in everyday life, Zidane became the centerpiece of the pitch. First at Cannes and then in Bordeaux, where Zidane emerged as the most talented player in French football. When helping Bordeaux in the UEFA Cup final in 1996, Zidane was only 23 years old but showed a clear influence. Despite his young age, Zidane also revealed signs of possessing a strong belief in playing football.