List of teams qualified for the Champions League next season

Although the 2019/20 season is being interrupted because of the COVID-19 pandemic, at least 3 clubs are likely to attend the C1 Cup next season.

Ajax and AZ Alkmaar are the first two names to qualify for the club’s most prestigious tournament after the Dutch Football Federation decided to cancel the 2019/20 season.

At the time the Dutch league was canceled, Ajax was equal to AZ Alkmaar but had a better sub-index, meaning the ticket to go straight to the group stage. For its part, AZ Alkmaar will attend from the second qualifying round.

Like the Netherlands, Belgium and Scotland announced the cancellation of the 2019/20 season. However, the organizers of these two tournaments are reconsidering their decision when UEFA threatens to cut their participation in the European Cup if they do not give convincing reasons (to the Netherlands, because the government implemented the communal order of social exclusion to September 1).

At the top 5 leagues in Europe, Liverpool is the first team to make it to the 2020/21 Cup. After 29 rounds, the “Red Brigade” has 82 points, higher than the fifth team MU 37 points. Thus, whether the 2019/20 season will return or not, the ticket to attend the C1 Cup next season still belongs to Klopp’s teachers and students.

Barca, Juventus, Bayern Munich – 3 teams are leading in La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga but still in danger of being knocked out of the Top 4 because the current score is not guaranteed.

Based on the coefficient of points, Spain, England, Italy and Germany are 4 leagues distributed 4 places to attend the C1 Cup in the 2020/21 season. France and Russia have 3 representatives. Netherlands, Portugal or Belgium only have 2 capacity, equal to Ukraine, Turkey, Austria, Czech, Greece and Croatia.

List of teams qualified for the C1 Cup next season (constantly updated)

1. Liverpool (England)

2. Ajax (Netherlands)

3. AZ Alkmaar (Netherlands)

4. PSG (France)

5. Marseiile (France)

6. Rennes (France)