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Zidane – the great wonder of Real Madrid (Part 2)

Zidane’s secret

Regardless of what Zidane thought he understood about football, he actually woke up when he moved to Juventus in the summer of 1996. He was even shocked by the intensity of training during his first pre-season there.

Working under the guidance of fitness coach Giampiero Ventrone, Pintus set a harsh training pace for Juventus. In 2016, Pintus was chosen by Zidane as Real’s fitness coach. It is Pintus’s lesson plans that helped Real Madrid win the La Liga championship and successfully defend the Champions League in the 2016/17 season.

Zidane,  Real Madrid,  Cristiano Ronaldo,  Juventus,  Serie A anh 2

Zidane also used his physical understanding to convince Cristiano Ronaldo to rest at the right time to achieve the highest level when he entered the Champions League knockout stage. That worked when the Portuguese striker burst into action in the last two seasons with Real Madrid.

In addition to training on the pitch, Zidane is also impressed by the winning culture of Juventus. There, coach Marcello Lippi creates an environment where only the highest standards are accepted.

When he joined Real Madrid in the summer of 2001, Zidane was the World Cup and Euro champion with the French team. Besides, Zidane also won 2 Serie A titles, Golden Ball and 2 times honored as the World’s Best Player of FIFA. The volley against Bayer Leverkusen in the final in Glasgow helped Real Madrid win the 9th Champions League and continued to affirm Zidane as one of the greatest players of all time.

His accomplishments on the pitch, along with the relationship with the Real Madrid pillars since he was assistant coach Carlo Ancelotti has helped Zidane have respect in the dressing room. Using the art of “Winning People”, Zidane laid the foundations for incredible success over two and a half years in his first term.

Zidane,  Real Madrid,  Cristiano Ronaldo,  Juventus,  Serie A anh 3

From a tactical perspective, Zidane didn’t invent anything. His approach is to create a solid defensive structure to allow free attack players to show their talents. Journalist Hermel said that Zidane is a pragmatic tactician or dislikes discussing tactics in public. This reflects the belief that Zidane had developed during his time in Italy that secrecy is part of the strategy.

Zidane’s excellence as a coach is reflected in his ability to understand the changing room mentality and convey his composure to the players. He learned that from Coach Lippi. Very calm and decisive when making big decisions. Zidane does not always give orders to the players. Instead, he lets the players do their jobs. When the goal comes, he will show emotion, but try to calm the team to play.

While playing, Zidane always found the best way to talk to other players. When he became a coach, Zidane did the same. He controlled the dressing room by chatting and passing on the winning personality to the players.

Zidane – the great wonder of Real Madrid (Part 1)

Zidane became a monument to his career. However, the French legend also reached the level of perfection as a coach of Real Madrid.

Witschge’s remarks are also a common opinion from Zidane’s former teammates. Perhaps a bit of a surprise, not many of them have seen the change of the former French midfielder, although he himself admits he had no intention of pursuing a coaching career after retiring in 2006.

Signs of Zidane’s success

Zidane did the opposite. He started as Real Madrid’s sporting director , assistant coach and Castilla coach before being appointed head coach, replacing Rafa Benitez in January 2016.

Zidane,  Real Madrid,  Cristiano Ronaldo,  Juventus,  Serie A anh 1

Even Zidane’s most ardent fans cannot predict how he will succeed by helping Real Madrid win three consecutive Champions League titles (an unprecedented feat in history), La Liga 2016/17. with 2 FIFA Club World Cup titles in 2 and a half years.

When he returned to Real Madrid to start his second term in March 2019, Zidane was one of the most successful coaches in world football. Initially, Zidane was suspected when there were many views that he did not have the qualifications to become a coach. However, it was that that made his success even more surprising.

If you look closely at Zidane’s career, you can see that he has found a way to become a coach. These traits have gradually formed in Zidane’s body while others or himself are not aware.

Zidane,  Real Madrid,  Cristiano Ronaldo,  Juventus,  Serie A anh 2

Zidane was close friends with David Bettoni, his assistant at Real Madrid, when they joined the young Cannes team. Analyst Stephane Plancque was also Zidane’s partner in Bordeaux.

Meanwhile, Zidane first met Antonio Pintus, the former Real Madrid fitness coach, when he joined Juventus from Bordeaux in 1996. Perhaps, Zidane was not in a hurry to show interest in the lead. However, the supporting cast around him was already waiting in the wings.

Observing from afar and taciturn nature seem to be an obstacle for Zidane when pursuing the coach’s career. However, the people who work with Zidane do not consider it a weakness, but rather an indication that he values ​​listening rather than speaking.

Contrary to being tight-lipped in everyday life, Zidane became the centerpiece of the pitch. First at Cannes and then in Bordeaux, where Zidane emerged as the most talented player in French football. When helping Bordeaux in the UEFA Cup final in 1996, Zidane was only 23 years old but showed a clear influence. Despite his young age, Zidane also revealed signs of possessing a strong belief in playing football.

Messi almost left Barca in his first year in the first team

Messi almost left Barca in his first year playing for the first team. At the same time, Guardiola was also dragged out of the Catalan club.

Messi has had more than 15 years playing for Barca first team and achieved countless successes. But his path may have been different if he left Barca in the first 1-2 years of the first team.

Getafe president Angel Torres recently revealed that he almost reached an agreement to bring both Messi and coach Pep Guardiola to Getafe when the two of them had not yet made a big deal in the Barca squad. The basis for Angel Torres to implement this intention is a very good relationship with Joan Laporta, former Barca president during 2003-2010.

At that time, Messi had not yet won an official position in the team full of Barca’s stars. However, Rijkaard still highly appreciates the talent of the 18-year-old Argentine. Rijkaard’s decision helped Barca retain a gem and Messi also had the opportunity to play in the right environment to rise to become the best player in the world.

Obviously, Messi will be difficult to develop to the current level without the guidance of coach Rijkaard, or coach Pep Guardiola, who helps the Argentine striker perfect his goalscoring skills in four seasons working together at Barca.

But President Angel Torres also nearly broke this connection when trying to bring Guardiola coach to Getafe in 2008. “During a UEFA meeting in Switzerland, I spoke with Barca Sports Director Txiki Begiristain about Coach exchange ideas. Laudrup will go to Barca and Guardiola will switch to Getafe in the opposite direction. I made this suggestion because Laporta didn’t originally intend to use Guardiola in the first team. ”

But then, coach Rijkaard resigned because he did not bring a title for Barca in the 2007/08 season. At this time, Barca had to choose between Laudrup and Guardiola. The Danish strategist has a better profile when leading Getafe to the final of the King’s Cup and the quarter-finals of the 2007/08 UEFA Cup.

But in the end, Laporta decided to bet on Guardiola only had experience leading Barca youth teams. That adventure has helped Barca enter an extremely successful phase. They won 14 titles in 4 seasons under Guardiola. In particular, the most impressive achievement is the historic 6 in 2009, Barca won all the competitions attended.

Now, Laporta is planning to run for c -fashioned Barca president next term and Angel Torres presidents support the return of friends.

Barca’s classic retrograde screen appears in the French dictionary

Barca’s classic comeback against PSG in the 2016/17 C1 Cup was chosen to put into the famous Larousse dictionary of France.

Barca just received a great honor when their feat in the C1 Cup was selected to be included in the French encyclopedia. According to Le Point magazine, Larousse publisher has chosen Barca’s comeback stage before PSG in C1 Cup 2016/17 season to put into the famous Larousse dictionary.

Barca’s miracle more than three years ago was used to illustrate the word “remontada”, meaning “to swim upstream”. Until now, many people still do not dare to believe that Barca can comeback against PSG after losing 0-4 in the first leg.

Barca’s comeback stage was even more unbelievable when Barca led 3-1 until 87 minutes and still need to score 3 more goals in the remaining 10 minutes to win tickets. But the miracle happened when Neymar and Sergi Roberto scored 3 goals in just 7 minutes to help Barca complete one of the greatest upstream goals in the history of the Champions League.

Since that day, the word “remontada” has become more and more popular in the media and speeches in France. For this reason, Larousse publisher decided to use Barca’s comeback to illustrate the word “remontada”.

The publisher Larousse explains that the word “remontada” is used in sports and is derived from Spanish. “Remontada” is used to describe an unbelievable comeback in football when the losing team suddenly wins, despite the fact that the gap between the two previous teams is very large.

“Remontada” also means an unexpected victory of a sports team, or an athlete in a sports competition. In addition, the word “remontada” has many other meanings outside the field of sports.

The thugs ruin the life of Sir Alex (Part 2)

After the 2000/01 Premier League title, coach Ferguson brought in midfielder Laurent Blanc and midfielder Juan Sebastian Veron, two blockbuster contracts directly threatening the position of Wallwork.

Instead of competing to continue playing, the English midfielder decided to leave. In the summer of 2002, Wallwork left MU to West Brom on a free transfer.

Ferguson expressed regret for losing the player and declared ” Wallwork was the best free contract that year “. “ He has enormous potential at Old Trafford but is unlucky. Wallwork is a promising defensive player of English football , ”said Ferguson.

Along with money disputes with the team leadership, Wallwork was disappointing at the new club. West Brom relegated in 2003 and the former MU star’s career followed.

However, the shield of the Scottish tactician could not save the whole career of Wallwork, when the player himself destroyed it.

In November 2006, while struggling with his career at West Brom, Wallwork and his girlfriend Amy Broadbent were involved in a serious brawl while hanging out in a nightclub.

After exchanging words with Broadbent’s ex-boyfriend, West Brom midfielder was stabbed 7 times by the enemy. The perpetrator Robert Rimmer was later arrested and jailed for 5 years. Wallwork was hospitalized for 2 weeks.

From here, Wallwork’s career began to plunge. The serious injury after the bar stab caused Wallwork’s health problems. The England international cannot compete in the starting XI at West Brom. He wandered to many junior clubs.

By 2008, Wallwork fell into unemployment. The BBC revealed Wallwork had serious financial problems after its own business venture failed. Debt besieged Wallwork and he began to get entangled in illegal businesses.

Wallwork tried to sell his kit as a Premier League player to cover the costs. After that, he began getting involved in the notorious British bandits of robbers, who were willing to shoot innocent people to rob money.

In November 2011, Wallwork was arrested by police for concealing illegal property. Authorities identified Wallwork as part of a car theft line, and directly involved in the sale of the said cars.

The judge rejected the lawyer ‘s defense and sentenced Wallwork to three felony counts of 15 months in prison.

Judging by Judge Newell at the time was the end of Wallwork’s football career, who was once regarded as the “jewel” of Manchester United and English football.

It was not until 2014, after being released from prison, that Wallwork returned to play for a semi-professional club of English football. Many fans hope the Premier League champion will pay back and draw lessons for themselves.

The thugs ruin the life of Sir Alex

Ronnie Wallwork won the Premier League at the age of 23 and was a great hope at Old Trafford, but he lost everything behind bars in prison.

In 1997, Wallwork was one of the most promising young talents of English football. The midfield in 1977 was the follow-up to the Manchester United training facility, which produced the famous “92 generation”.

Nearly two decades later, while many of his peers have achieved success in the Premier League, Wallwork has buried his career with thugs.

Premier League champion

Born in Manchester, Wallwork grew up with a love of Manchester United and quickly revealed his football talent. At the age of 15, he joined the MU youth team and signed a professional contract just 2 years later.

After helping MU win the FA Cup for young teams, Wallwork along with Michael Owen, Jamie Carragher or Matthew Upson attended the U20 World Cup in Malaysia. In 1996, Wallwork received the title of the best young player in England.

At the age of 19, Wallwork had his first team debut. In the period 1997-2001, he played more games for the “Red Devils”. In the 2000/01 season, this defensive midfielder played enough matches for MU to be awarded the Premier League championship medal.

Wallwork played 16 matches for MU that season, helping the “Red Devils” away from Arsenal in the championship race. The progress on the pitch and the roots of Manchester made Wallwork expected to become a new symbol at Old Trafford.

It was Sir Alex Ferguson who publicly defended this player after the serious scandals of that time. Coach MU regarded him as the jewel of the red half of Manchester.

Imperfect nature

It all started in August 1999, while playing in Belgium on loan from MU, Wallwork got into a scandal that threatened the referee.

After Antwerp’s team lost to La Louviere and lost the promotion ticket, Wallwork and Danny Higginbotham (another MU player) chased referee Amand Ancion in the tunnel and threatened to kill him.

Belgian media reported that Wallwork and Higginbotham even grabbed and slapped the referee Ancion. “This is an unprecedented scandal and no one can defend the two MU stars,” said Paul Bistiaux, an Antwerp official.

The Belgian Football Association initially issued a lifetime ban on Wallwork and a one-year ban on Higginbotham. A Belgian court later reduced its ban on Wallwork to 3 years.

However, thanks to Ferguson’s advocacy and appeal, both players continued to play in England. The Scottish tactician even flew to Belgium to protect the two students.

Ferguson probably didn’t expect that it was just the beginning of Wallwork’s notorious career. Not only threatened to kill the referee, the defensive midfielder also interacted with many rogue parts of society, and this has brought consequences for him later.

Top 10 richest bosses in the Premier League

Top 10 richest bosses in the Premier League have the appearance of 2 Chinese billionaires and a Thai businessman.

The Premier League is on the rise with the Saudi crown prince Mohammed Bin Salma’s acquisition of 80 shares of Newcastle. If the deal is completed, Mohammed Bin Salma will become the richest boss of the No. 1 league of the fog country.

In fact, Mohammed Bin Salman’s personal wealth is “only” around £ 7 billion. However, the value of his PiF Investment Fund amounted to 260 billion pounds. In addition, the second most powerful person in Saudi Arabia is said to be managing the family’s wealth with more than £ 1.3 trillion.

Because Mohammed Bin Salma’s acquisition of Newcastle has not been completed, the No. 1 position in the Top 10 richest owners in the Premier League belongs to Sheikh Mansour, owner of Man City Club. Sheikh Mansour’s assets are around 17.7 billion pounds (another statistic is 23.3 billion pounds).

Behind Sheikh Mansour is none other than Roman Abramovich, who has loved Chelsea for more than a decade. The Russian tycoon is worth £ 9.6 billion.

In the Top 10 richest owners in the Premier League, there are two businessmen from China, Guo Guangchang (4th, Wolves) and Gao Jisheng (7th, Southampton). If Guo Guangchang owned a fortune worth £ 5.2 billion, Gao Jisheng’s net worth was £ 3.1 billion.

Leicester City owner Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha is also in the Top 10 richest bosses in the Premier League. Specifically, Srivaddhanaprabha ranked 6th with a net worth of 4.6 billion pounds.

Top 10 richest bosses in the Premier League

1. Sheikh Mansour (Man City – £ 17.7 billion)

2. Roman Abramovich (Chelsea – £ 9.6 billion)

3. Stan Kroenke (Arsenal – £ 6.8 billion)

4. Guo Guangchang (Wolves – £ 5.2 billion)

5. Nassef Sawiris (Aston Villa – £ 5 billion)

6. Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha (Leicester City – $ 4.6 billion)

7. Joe Lewis (Tottenham – £ 3.9 billion)

8. The Glazer Family (MU – £ 3.6 billion)

9. Gao Jisheng (Southampton – £ 3.1 billion)

10. Joshua Harris (Crystal Palace – £ 2.7 billion)

Top 10 players scoring the most goals in World Cup history

The top 10 players who score the most goals in World Cup history do not have the names of the world’s top two superstars Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Despite scoring countless goals in their careers, but Messi and Ronaldo are not really predestined to fire in the World Cup arena. Experiencing 4 world football finals in 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018, CR7 has only 7 goals.

With El Pulga, he scored 1 goal less than his colleague from Portugal. In terms of performance, Messi only scored an average of 0.32 goals/game (19 games in 4 World Cups including 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018).

Leading the player with the most goals in World Cup history is Miroslav Klose of Germany. The Polish native has 16 goals in 24 matches. Not as smart as Messi or Ronaldo, Klose is a modern striker with excellent wall-making ability. He often overcame the defenders with the ability to flee hidden, and possessed very good header skills.

Behind Klose is the “Alien” Ronaldo. The former player born in 1976 has a superb personal technique. “Fat fat” can dribble, turn the ball, control the ball at the upper level. Through four World Cups in 1994, 1998, 2002 and 2006, Ronaldo scored a total of 15 goals, achieving a performance of 0.79 goals per game.

Third, fourth and fifth were Gerd Mueller (Germany, 14 goals), Just Fontaine (France, 13 goals) and Pele (Brazil, 12 goals).

Top players to score the most goals in World Cup history

1. Miroslav Klose (Germany, 16 goals)

2. Ronaldo (Brazil, 15 goals)

3. Gerd Mueller (Germany, 14 goals)

4. Just Fontaine (France, 13 goals)

5. Pele (Brazil, 12 goals)

6. Sándor Kocsis (Hungary, 11 goals)

7. Juergen Klinsmann (Germany, 11 goals)

8. Gabriel Batistuta (Argentina, 10 goals)

9. Gary Lineker (England, 10 goals)

10. Thomas Mueller (Germany, 10 goals)

11. Grzegorz Lato (Poland, 10 goals)

12. Helmut Rahn (Germany, 10 goals)

13. Teofilo Cubillas (Peru, 10 goals)

The Belgian league was canceled, and other tournaments in Europe were in danger

The European Football Federation (UEFA) sent a letter asking for the European leagues to postpone the return date in July and August to end the full season, but Belgium’s Pro League is still canceled.

Belgium’s Pro League was also the first European league to be canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the club was awarded to Club Bruges, who were topping the table with 70 points after 29 rounds.

The Belgian league usually after 30 rounds will play more play-offs to determine the championship, the European Cup and relegation. However, this season because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the organizers decided to cancel and determine the current ranking.

The St.Truiden club is currently ranked 12th, with the cancellation also not affected the possibility of relegation (1 interest). On April 15, Belgium’s Pro League organizers will meet next to calculate whether or not they can relegate, as it affects the promotion team next season.

In Europe, the top leagues such as the Premier League, Serie A (Italy), La Liga (Spain), Bundesliga (Germany) or Ligue 1 (France) are also facing the possibility of cancelling the season despite UEFA recommendation.

This week the Premier League clubs meet and the possibility of a rematch on April 30 will not be possible, according to BBC Sport journalist Simon Stone.

The British press also said that UEFA warned clubs not to try to pressure the league to cancel, because they continued to extend the time to return to play until July and August.

However, as many countries in Europe are still in crisis due to the Covid-19 epidemic, even in the UK where upcoming stadiums can be used as field hospitals to care for infected people, the likelihood of the season. The recurrence will be very difficult to become reality.

Therefore, the top leagues in Europe may have to follow the decision as Belgium’s Pro League is canceling the season.