Welcome to tigermothflight.co.uk!  

Come and revisit the glorious days of the 1930s when flying was all about freedom, wind in your hair and fun. We offer you the unique opportunity to experience flight from that era, to "slip the surly bonds of earth" and to leave your cares behind you.

As you fly over the beautiful English countryside, your instructor will let you take control of the Tiger Moth and  guide you through some of the basic flying manoeuvres.



At the end of the flight a certificate is presented to record your trial lesson of flight in an open-cockpit aeroplane.

You can fly for any length of time you desire from a variety of sites in the south of England.

To ensure your maximum enjoyment and safety, our Tiger Moth is maintained to the highest standards in accordance with current CAA regulations and we use only highly experienced instructor pilots.



We can also offer the Tiger Moth and other aircraft for  -  corporate day packages

                                                                                              -  film work

                                                                                              -  display flying

The perfect birthday, Christmas or anniversary present for pilots and novices alike. Contact us now for prices and availability!

Tel: 0118-9401621 or 07771-570745